Adjustable Dumbbells Poles Apart® - Heavy Set #2

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Black Iron Strength® Adjustable Dumbbells - Poles Apart® is a patented revolutionary technology because it provides the convenience of 12 pairs of commercial dumbbells in 12 square feet. With the vertical design, this set is compact and space efficient. Unlike other systems, it is the only commercial grade system, which makes Black Iron Strength® the highest quality adjustable dumbbell on the market. That is why these units are found in commercial and athletic facilities throughout the world as well as home gyms.
  • 100% Premium Solid Steel designed for commercial use
  • Solid one piece construction with no welds or bolts using a proprietary press-through technology
  • Look and feel of a traditional dumbbell
  • 2.5 lb. incremental jumps throughout the entire range of weights
  • Add-on weights for the system are secure and will not separate from the dumbbell due to a dual magnetic system of 80 lbs. of securing force - Patented Technology known as Poles Apart®
  • Finish is military ‘spec’ hard chrome finish for corrosion resistance
  • Precision comfort knurling for a sure grip on the handle
  • Rack system is a vertical space efficient design, which measures 4 feet wide and 3 feet deep
  • Rack is on wheels, which lock down, allowing the rack to be moved
  • Wheels are ‘hospital grade’ heavy duty and will not mark the floor
  • Custom engraving available
  • Protected by (5) US Patents
  • Quality Manufactured in the USA
  • Available in the three options based on weight:
      1. Poles Apart® - Wedge 40 – (5 lbs. to 102.5 lbs.)
      2. Poles Apart® - Heavy Set #1 – (100 lbs. to 127.5 lbs.)
      3. Poles Apart® - Heavy Set #2 – (130 lbs. to 157.5 lbs.)
  • Handle choices for Poles Apart® - Heavy Set #2
      1. 1 3/8 Cradle Collar Handles (Antimicrobial Copper CuLEAN®)
      2. 1 ¾ inch Thick Fixed Handles (Antimicrobial Copper CuLEAN®)

Additional Details

Continuing to innovate and always providing the customer with premium strength training tools, Black Iron Strength® takes the adjustable dumbbell to a new pinnacle with the Adjustable Dumbbells Heavy Set #2 - Poles Apart®. These Adjustable Dumbbell are the only commercial grade adjustable dumbbell set on the market and has five US patents that have been awarded.
There are three issues with other Adjustable Dumbbells on the market. First of all, other Adjustable Dumbbells are not commercial grade. The Black Iron Strength® Adjustable Dumbbells are the only true commercial grade adjustable dumbbells on the market and are the only Adjustable Dumbbells made in the USA. These Adjustable Dumbbells include commercial grade Black Iron Strength® Solid Steel Dumbbells. These Dumbbells are manufactured to the same ‘specs’ as our Black Iron Strength® Solid Steel Conventional Dumbbells to include one-piece construction in which there are no welds or bolts. This one-piece construction is accomplished through proprietary technology using a 25 ton press-through, making Black Iron Strength® Solid Steel Dumbbells virtually indestructible. The only difference between the Black Iron Strength® Solid Steel Dumbbells and the Black Iron Strength® Adjustable Dumbbells is that the Adjustable Dumbbells have a receiving end on each dumbbell face, which allows the user to attach add-on weights.
Another issue with other Adjustable Dumbbells on the market is that the plate adjustments are not totally secure and can easily fall off. This is especially an issue if the dumbbells are dropped because the securing mechanisms are weak and can be broken. This is a hazard to the user and a potential lawsuit to a commercial or athletic facility. This is never an issue with Black Iron Strength® Adjustable Dumbbells because of the Poles Apart® Patented Technology, in which the add-on weights are secured with a dual magnetic system providing 80 lbs. of securing force. Magnetic add-on weights are easily removed by simply rotating the add-on weight clockwise or counter clockwise until the magnets cross the magnets on the dumbbell head. The magnets on the add-on side are mounted in reverse polarity to the magnets on the dumbbell head. Once these magnets cross, the add-on weight will come off into the user’s hand.
Finally, all of other the Adjustable Dumbbells Sets on the market do not have the ‘look and feel’ of a traditional dumbbell. Black Iron Strength® Adjustable Dumbbells not only have the ‘look and feel’ of traditional dumbbells, but also, Black Iron Strength® Adjustable Dumbbells are designed for commercial use and can withstand heavy use to include dropping the dumbbell.
Like all Black Iron Strength® products, our Adjustable Dumbbell Sets are manufactured in the USA to the tightest standards with the highest quality materials available. The finish on our Adjustable Dumbbells is a military ‘spec’ hard chrome, which is highly resistant to rust or corrosion. This is the top finish in the world.
With the Black Iron Strength® Adjustable Dumbbells, the users have the flexibility of 2.5 lb. incremental jumps throughout the entire weight range. This feature makes the set very popular with users who are looking for small incremental changes.
Like all Black Iron Strength® Commercial Dumbbells, the Adjustable Dumbbells have a knurling pattern, which is the perfect depth for the user. The pattern is not too shallow where the user can lose their grip, which can often happen with sweaty hands. If the knurling pattern is too deep, it can cut into the user’s hand leaving blood on the handle. Our engineers have developed the perfect knurling pattern, which has become the industry favorite.
The Black Iron Strength® Adjustable Dumbbells - Heavy Set #2 has 12 pairs of Dumbbells available from 130 lbs. to 157.5 lbs. in 2.5 lbs. increments. There are (3) base weight pairs of Black Iron Strength® Dumbbells with the receiving ends, which allow room for the add-ons. The three (3) pairs of Dumbbells are 130 lbs., 140 lbs., and 150 lbs. There are four (4) sets of Add-on Weights for Heavy Set #2. The Add-on Weights are 0 lbs., 1 ¼ lbs., 2 ½ lbs., and 3 ¾ lbs. There is a zero weight, which adds a minuscule amount of weight, to the dumbbell. The purpose of the zero weight is to create a flat end for the user when using one of the three (3) base weight pairs of the Dumbbells with the receiving ends. The user has access to 12 pairs of heavy commercial Dumbbells available in 12 square feet.
There are two handle choices for the Poles Apart® – Heavy Set #2. The handles choices are:
  1. 1 3/8 inch Cradle Collar Handle
  2. 1 ¾ Thick Fixed Handle


Custom engraving is available on the head of the dumbbells. Personalization makes your dumbbells stand out and brands your team or facility. Our engraving is precision cut quality.
Provide us your logo in a vector file in ‘.ai’ (Adobe Illustrator) or ‘.eps’ (Encapsulated Post Script) and we will do ‘mock up’ drawings of your logo on your dumbbell faces.

Custom Racks

One of the most innovative aspects of the Poles Apart® – Adjustable Dumbbells is the vertical space efficient design of the rack system, which is 4 feet wide and 3 feet deep. The rack design is vertical instead of horizontal. The vertical design is more cost effective, especially if the user is paying rent by the square foot. Owners do not pay rent for going vertical, but they do pay rent for horizontal racks because the footprint is much larger from side to side. The Black Iron Strength Adjustable Dumbbells have become popular in many elite personal training facilities and home gyms, especially with pro athletes because of its space efficiency and the fact that the user is exercising with commercial grade dumbbells.
Not only is the rack design of the Adjustable Dumbbells space efficient, but the rack is also on wheels, which lock down. This gives tremendous flexibility to move the dumbbells around as necessary for different strength training scenarios or cleaning the floors. The wheels are ‘hospital grade’ heavy duty and will not mark a floor.


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