A gym patron using some of Black Iron Strength's® commercial strength equipment.

Proven Customer Satisfaction

Black Iron Strength® is committed to providing their customers with the highest quality and most innovative strength equipment available on the market. Along with our commitment to quality and innovation, we are equally as passionate to provide the highest level of customer service and support. Our value comes from what our customers say about us.


"We have been using Black Iron Strength® equipment for the past 7 years. We started first with using their barbells and microplates, then their dumbbells and kettlebells, and finally the Triple Threat Dumbbells. The Triple Threat quickly became what I think is their hidden gem. The best thing about the Triple Threat is that they are easy to use will all populations for direct delt and rotator work. The design allows you to micro load them with plate mates or the magnetic add-ons from the Black Iron Strength® Adjustable Dumbbells. We have included many of the Black Iron Strength® products in our facility. These products include the Triple Threat, Adjustable Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Bicep Builder, Thick Bars, and Cable Attachments. We want to thank Black Iron Strength® not only for their great products, but also for their exceptional customer service. We know that their equipment is safe to use with our clients to help them become Healthier. Stronger. Faster. 

Jon Davis // Owner, Davis Training Systems

"(Black Iron Strength® Cable Attachment) It’s built like a goddamn tank and the quality is absolutely top notch.  A truly smooth operating, well done, overbuilt handle!  Thanks and I look forward to getting more high quality attachments from you guys in the future!"

Joe Bemonte

"Ferrari Dumbbells from function to looks, the very best on the market! You can get your logo engraved into this craft. From customer service till product excellence, highly recommend."

Hien Nguyen // Owner, Hi Performance Center

"The best damn dumbbells period! I bought an initial set in 2010 for my private training facility. Loved them so much I just had to buy a second set of the poles apart system."

Sev Bold// Owner, Coach Bold

“Great Products! Extremely Durable and Well Made Right Here in the U.S. We Are Fortunate to Have a Set of the Black Iron Dumbbells, Barbells, Thick Bars, Kettlebells and Bicep Builder.”

Matt Del Garbino // Owner, My Home Fitness Plan

“I'm a gym owner with a wide variety of equipment ranging from inexpensive to high end. My Black Iron Strength® equipment includes the kettlebells and the Dumbbells, which are the best I've ever used. I get rave reviews for both. If you value high quality American made products, these are what you're after. There's nothing better on the market. Word."

Michael Skogg // Skogg Gym

‘Excellent products. Every gym should have their thick handled barbells, cable attachments, and dumbbells.’

Darin Waldrim // Facebook

‘As a result of your service on such a small item, I am certain that if we need additional equipment, you will be at the top of the list!’

Todd C. Shoepe, EdD, MS, CSCS, EPC // Assistant Professor - Dept. of Health and Human Sciences

Loyola Marymount University

‘Arm work... 26 inch Black Iron Strength straight bar cable curls. The finest bar made in the USA. Totally Alpha. 10 pounds. Thick diameter. Diamond weave knurl painless slip proof. Individual revolving machine bearing left and right knurl grip...’

David Feather

‘I've just got a set of the dumbbells and they're hands down the best I've ever owned. I also have a BIS thick bar and there's nothing better for increasing grip strength and power on Olympic lifts.’

John Hosegood // Facebook

‘Very innovative...like taking a stone and rolling it.’

Kelly Bauer // Facebook

“It is important that our athletes stay healthy. So, we are constantly disinfecting our workout rooms to try to prevent the spread of infections. The Germ Buster® line of Black Iron Strength® dumbbells with their antimicrobial copper surfaces gives us a sixth man in our effort to combat the threat of infections. It is a step we felt we needed to take to promote cleanliness and help protect our athletes.”

John Shackleton // Strength and Conditioning Coach Men’s Basketball - Villanova Wildcats

Featured: NCAA Champion Villanova Wildcats Equip Strength Training Room with Bactericidal Copper

‘The technology impressed me. We have battled the issue of cleanliness and do a lot of disinfecting everyday but it's not always perfect. Sixty players mean 60 pairs of hands, so this helps us be more efficient because we can spend time on something else versus constant disinfecting. It gives me peace of mind. This is a guaranteed winning solution in my mind. There is no question that with a winter sport at some point an infection, cold, or flu will be going around. With the money we put into our players it makes so much sense to do everything we can to keep them healthy. If these weights prevent us from losing even one player for one game it pays for itself.’

Nelson Ayotte // Former Head Strength and Conditioning Coach St. Louis Blues NHL Hockey Team

Featured: St. Louis Blues – Second NHL Team to Outfit a Training Room with Bactericidal by CuVerro®

‘At The Pingry School, excellence and honor is a mantra in everything we do, and the approach to athletics and strength training is no different. It's integral to what we bring to our student-athletes. With the need to replace worn-out equipment in the school's state-of-the-art strength and conditioning facility, it's my job to find the best equipment for our students and keep them as safe as possible. In choosing Black Iron Strength® equipment the superior quality was a plus, while the CuVerro® solid surface bactericidal properties was key and a big differentiator in the decision. Because CuVerro® is a solid copper alloy, its properties never wash out or wear away and have been proven effective 24/7—continuously killing infectious bacteria. Also, with the range of commitments student-athletes face, from staying up late studying to meeting demanding schedules, their immune systems are often compromised. Although we have antimicrobial wipes and clean the facility every night, you don't normally clean dumbbell handles consistently. Dumbbells and pulley systems are a very high traffic and high-touch area. MRSA and bacterial infections can be common in exercise facilities. Whatever we can do beyond our normal cleaning system to lower the risk of students' contact with bacteria is worth the investment. Reaction to the CuVerro® copper bactericidal weights has been very positive. The high-end look and CuVerro® minimizing bacteria risks really appeals to students immersed in the science of things.’

Douglas Scott // Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, The Pingry School

Featured: The Pingry School and CuVerro® Strive for Excellence in Fighting Bacteria

‘Our objective is to further minimize the exposure of bacteria in our training spaces and having dumbbells with antimicrobial copper handles made huge sense in upgrading our equipment. The net reduction of the spread of bacteria is our goal as we look to minimize athlete's time lost unnecessarily to illness.’

Matt Price // Head Strength and Conditioning Coach LA Kings

Featured: Stanley Cup Champion LA Kings Outfit World Class Training Center with CuVerro®

‘I see the antimicrobial copper surfaces on Black Iron Strength® free weight equipment as a significant factor in creating cleaner healthcare and community environments. With a desire to be health conscious, the notion that creating an environment that's as free as possible from bacteria and the spread of infectious bacteria is what appealed to us. We believe it is important for the mission of the fitness center. CuVerro® surfaces on the Black Iron Strength® will be good for clients, the staff of the facility, and the community to live in as well.’

Todd Linden // GRMC President and CEO

Featured: GRMC Fitness Center – A New Standard of Clean and Safe Community Fitness with CuVerro®