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Black Iron Strength® Kettlebell Racks - Small Footprint is the perfect storage solution for your newly purchased Black Iron Strength® Kettlebells. No matter the size of your kettlebell purchase, our engineers will design your rack accordingly.
  • Rack system is a vertical space efficient design
  • Will sit securely on the floor and will not flip or tip
  • Tags engraved to identify kettlebell placement
  • Coated with Line-X Spray to make the rack chip resistant and to protect the finish of the kettlebell
  • Large rack system is on wheels, which lock down, allowing the rack to be moved
  • Wheels are ‘hospital grade’ heavy duty
  • Quality Manufactured in the USA

Additional Details

Black Iron Strength® Kettlebell Racks are the ideal storage system for Black Iron Strength® Kettlebells. With all of our rack systems, space efficiency is our goal and our engineers will design your kettlebell rack according to your space requirements. The rack is also custom designed to fit the number of Black Iron Strength® Kettlebells. Whether in a home gym or facility, why use any more space than necessary. We work with you to design the rack that best accommodates your available space.

Black Iron Strength® Kettlebell Racks are equipped with LINE-X coated placement holders, which not only provide a perfect fit for your new kettlebells, but also protect the kettlebells from damage. The LINE-X coated placement holders will not wear out or mark your Black Iron Strength® Kettlebells.
Engraved placement numbers are on the Black Iron Strength® Kettlebell Racks, making re-racking simple so that every kettlebell has a placement ‘home’.

Like all Black Iron Strength® products, the rack is manufactured in the USA with the highest standards to create lasting durability. What better way to show off your new Black Iron Strength® Kettlebells than with a Custom Black Iron Strength® rack!


Tags engraved to identify kettlebell placement.

Custom Racks

This is a custom rack designed for Black Iron Strength® Kettlebells


Rack Logos

Black Iron Strength® Kettlebell Racks can be found in the top tier commercial facilities, home gyms, and college and pro team strength and conditioning rooms. Some of the customers who have purchased Black Iron Strength® Solid Steel Kettlebell Racks are the Navy Seals, Pittsburgh Steelers, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, The Breakers Palm Beach, University of Cincinnati, Skogg Gym, Grinnell Regional Medical Center, Grinnell College and The Pingry School.