Antimicrobial Copper Black Iron Strength Bicep Builder®

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The Antimicrobial Copper Bicep Builder® allows the user to keep maintain constant resistance on the bicep muscle throughout the entire range of curling motion. The user cannot rest the bicep muscle while performing the bicep curl with the Antimicrobial Copper Bicep Builder® with CuLEAN® handles.
  • Antimicrobial Copper Black Iron Strength Bicep Builder® is designed with a built in leverage factor to provide the bicep muscle with maximum resistance when performing a bicep curl.
  • Built in cam ‘effect’ during the rotary movement
  • Handles are Antimicrobial Copper Gripping Surface by CuVerro®
  • Handle diameter - 1 1/2  inches
  • Handles are also available with solid steel with chrome finish
  • Padding System allows for maximum stability as the user is exercising and protects the forearms
  • Precision comfort knurling for a sure grip on the handle
  • Length of Unit from End to End: 49 inches
  • Weight of Unit: 35 lbs.
  • Olympic Plates can be added to both ends to increase the resistance
  • Quality Manufactured in the USA

Additional Details

The Black Iron Strength Bicep Builder® will blast your biceps like they have never been worked before. This strength training tool does not allow the bicep muscle to rest, which is especially important in the contracted position. With the unique padding system on the forearms, the user is training when the bar is in a ‘off leverage’ position so the bicep curling action basically has a built in cam effect during the rotary movement. The user can not rest or cheat while performing the bicep curl so they are maximizing their gains.
Like all Black Iron Strength® products, the Bicep Builder is manufactured in the USA to the tightest standards with the highest quality materials available. The finish on the handle bar is a military ‘spec’ hard chrome, which is highly resistant to rust or corrosion. This is the top finish in the world. The diameter of the handle bar is 1 ½ inches. The handle is also available in CuLean® Antimicrobial Copper with a 1 3/8 inch diameter. The length of the unit from end to end is 49 inches. The weight of the unit is 35 lbs. and Olympic plates can be added to both ends to increase resistance. Like all our handles, the precision knurling pattern on the handle bar allows for maximum gripping. Our knurling pattern is the perfect depth for the user. The pattern is not too shallow where the user can lose their grip, which can often happen with sweaty hands. If the knurling pattern is too deep, it can cut into the user’s hand leaving blood on the handle. Our engineers have developed the perfect knurling pattern, which has become the industry standard. 
The padding system protects the forearms and hands and in addition, it provides the user with maximum stability.
The response from using the Black Iron Strength Bicep Builder® has been awesome because it takes biceps training to a new level. Our customers have commented how much they appreciate the support of the pads on their forearms and the control they have when performing the rotary movement. After about six repetitions, the user will notice the intensity of the bicep contraction in the peak position, which is difficult to obtain with a standard bicep curl.


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